Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's a learning process

When I first started out on this weight loss journey, I thought that it would be a lot easier than it has been. While I didn't expect the pounds to fly off, I atleast expected to see results. What I didn't expect was how emotionally challenging--and rewarding--this would be.

Over the course of the last few weeks, I have amped up the weight loss journey. I made a proclamation on Twitter that I would run the Chicago Marathon in 2011. It is now 12 months and one week away. I realize that if I am to actually compete in the marathon I really need to step things up a bit. I really need to take more accountability for what I put into my body.

It is a learning process.

There are times that I want to just say "forget it" and just accept that the way that I am now is the way that I will always be.

But, it isn't acceptable.

So, I learn.

I learn what my eating triggers are. I learn how to control what I eat. I learn how to eat. Yes, I said how.

But I also learn about me.

Its a learning process

One that is forever changing. No two days are the same. Each day brings new challenges.

I am learning as I go....

I am learning that i am strong enough to do this. I am learning that I want better for my family and for myself.

Perhaps the most important part of this learning process...

I am learning to love me.

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