About Melissa

Change is not something that I easily embraced. For most of my teen and early adult life, things always seemed to be changing. My life was always in a constant state of chaos. So, I turned to food. Food was the one thing in my life that always stayed constant. It was always there, and most importantly, it never judged me.

However, soon, I was putting food ahead of my relationships. My marriage suffered. I stopped socializing outside of the house. Everything in my life was centered around food. If we were going out for the day, I would know what food establishments were on our way, and where we would stop for lunch or dinner. 

In 2010, I topped the scale at over 300 pounds. I was morbidly obese and slowly killing myself with food. After realizing that if I didn't do something, I was setting my children up to end up like me. And that was not a legacy I wanted to leave behind.

I have lost just over 100 pounds to date. But more than that, I found my passion in life. And, surprisingly, it's health and fitness. I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach, Life Coach, Nutrition Consultant, and a Childhood Obesity Specialist. I am also a Certified Sports Nutritionist and working on my Associates in Exercise Science.

I have walked the path many of my clients are on, and I know what it takes to get to where you want to go. I know how hard it can be to stay motivated. But, also know how sweet it is to achieve your goals.

My next big goal is to compete in a figure competition in 2013. This is bigger than anything that I have ever done. 

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