Tuesday, July 10, 2012

MMA Conditioning

As a trainer, I am always looking for new specialities to become certified in. The health and fitness industry is one that is always changing. And in order to be the best trainer that I can be, it's important for me to stay as on top of things as I can.

Which is why I am excited to be starting on NASM's MMA Conditioning Specialist Certification. That's right, I am going to be a MMA trainer. The area that I live in is full of amatur MMA fighters, and it's an area that is growing everyday. I already have some connections to the local fight scene and after talking to my connections and NASM, I made the decision to add the MMA Conditioning Specialist to my repertoire. Given the area that I currently live in, it would be stupid of me not to pursue this.

And of course, I am going to be offering MMA Conditioning Programs to clients online as well. So, if you are interested in MMA and don't have a Conditioning Specialist local, you can still get all the added benefits of training with a certified MMA Conditioning Specialist.

I will be posting details for online programs in the next week or so. I will only have a limited amount of spaces available for online clients in order to allow me time to properly work with each of you.

You can email me at coachmelissa00@gmail.com to be placed on the list of interested people. Once I hammer out the details, I will email you.

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  1. You got it, Melissa. It is definitely right to always have the phase of reinventing yourself, may you be a trainer, writer, or a model. In that way, you always have something new to offer and won’t be left out in the ever changing fads of society. While, MMA Conditioning would definitely contribute a lot when it comes to the endurance, balance, self-defense and confidence of a person, it is the right an athlete to always be in good shape.

    Hugh Motz