Thursday, July 5, 2012

San Francisco Bay Organic Coffee K-Cups

I have had my eye on a Keurig machine for a while. I drink a lot of herbal tea and enjoy the occasional iced coffee. But, I have been holding off on buying one because A.)I don't have the room on my counter and B.)I prefer to drink Organic coffee. I am not a coffee snob by any means, but since I have celiac's and Chron's I have discovered that Organic doesn't seem to upset my stomach at all.

Well, I think my wait for the Keurig may be over! I was poking around on Amazon looking for some Green Powder (a protein powder made from greens) and I found these K-Cups from San Francisco Bay. It's Organic, Fair Trade Coffee for your Keurig.

And these things are a steal at $33 for 80 of them. (Compared to the $10+ the smaller boxes of non organic coffee K-Cups go for in stores like Wal-Mart)

They also have Breakfast Blend, French Roast, Fog Chaser, and Rainforest Blend K-Cups.

*The link above is my Amazon Affiliate Link. 

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