Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My weight loss has slowed...and I'm totally okay with that

The scale seems to be moving a little more slowly these days. But, it's been two weeks since I have seen an upward swing. It's been going the right way....just slowly.

But, this time, I am totally okay with it.

I will admit it, I was a slave to the scale. Most of the time it never told me what I wanted to see....whatever. The point is, I would bust my butt, I would feel great, but the numbers on the scale would often leave me wondering what the heck I was doing wrong? It was depressing. And enough to make me consider quitting.

But, the scale is not always an accurate way to measure your success. Sure, it wasn't moving at all. Or the wrong way. (I lost the same 3 pounds 10 times, no lie.) But, my clothes felt different. I felt different. That's when I learned that the tape measure would soon be my saving grace.

I have lost just about 11 inches overall over the last two weeks. The scale has been moving a little more slowly then I would like, but I feel better then I have in a while. So, I am okay with the slowdown.

My husband, who never notices if I lose pounds, noticed that I am losing inches. In his words "You have a figure. And it's not round." I have more muscle definition as well.

My weight is coming off...slowly. But, I like the way I feel now. And feeling good is so much better then any number on the scale.

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