Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ultimate Reset Challenge Group Starting July 15th

Even though the body is extremely resilient, our bodies have been pushed to the limit by pollution, pesticides, preservatives, chemicals, and toxins contained in nearly every item that makes up our modern world. These harmful items disrupt the normal function of our organs and bodily systems, which, in turn, weakens our immunity, hinders metabolic activity, and creates imbalances that can lead to health problems. 

With the Beachbody Ultimate Reset™ you get these benefits:

  • Stronger immune system
  • Increased energy and more endurance
  • Better digestion, metabolism and weight loss
  • A more positive mood and mental clarity

This reset is NOT a harsh cleanse or one that requires you to drink dangerous shakes or take pills.  With the Reset, you will eat REAL, WHOLE, and CLEAN foods. 

During the 21 day reset, you will not be doing any strenuous work-outs. You can do things such as Yoga or Walking. But nothing more than that because your body is already going to be working hard at resetting itself.

Check out these success stories for proof that the Reset Works!

Several people have already completed their 21 day Reset and have experienced great results!

By joining a Reset Challenge Group you will receive the following:

  • Facebook Accountability Group. Private group to help keep you accountable, answer questions and share your experience
  • Coaching from me. Not only during the Challenge, but after as well. I will continue to be your coach for as long as you want me to be. 
  • Access to Team Beachbody tools and message boards.
  • A free-fitness E-book 
  • 100 Shakeology Recipes
  • A free Oyster Personal Blender
You will also be eligible to win cash prizes in the Transformation Challenge!

For more information, please check out my Reset Website or email me at coachmelissa00@gmail.com

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