Friday, October 8, 2010

First Weight Loss Goal...Officially MET!!!

....and the crowd goes wild!

It has been hard for me to lose weight. I would lose a little and gain it back. It was frustrating as hell.

My long term goal: 160 pounds. My short term goal: To weight 220 pounds for the first time in over TWO years. When I started this, I was at 232 pounds. I would lose a few pounds only to find myself gaining it right back. I was ready to give up.

On Monday of this week, I weighed 224 pounds. Still 4 pounds shy of my goal. Soo close, yet so far away...

Today, I stepped on the scale and took a deep breath. I was hoping for just a pound or two....

I closed my eyes. When I opened them I looked at the display....

Tears actually welled up in my eyes when the numbers didn't read 220

Instead they read....


Yes! That is 5 pounds this week baby! I cried. I was sooo excited. I have not weighed less then 230 pounds since morgan was about 6 months old. (She is now 3) Now to be fair, 9 of those months I was pregnant...

I am excited. I am also renewed! I feel great!

Next goal: 210 pounds.

I am now 59 pounds away from my long term weight goal.


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