Saturday, January 1, 2011

I'm invisible...Some of the time

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There are good days. There are bad days. I am at a point now, where the good days seem to out number the bad. Days where I feel on top of the world. Days where I feel unstoppable. Days where I feel...invisible.

When I am feeling good about myself, my body is invisible to me. I don't notice flaws. I don't notice what I can't do. I am all about the small victories and feeling good.

But, when I am having one of those days, days where I feel like I am letting people down, days when I feel that I am not doing the best that I really can do, days when my fat girl is on a power trip, I am not so invisible.

I notice all my "problem" areas. I notice the fat. I notice what I can't do. On days like that, my fat girl is all up in my face. She is pointing out my flaws. My shortcomings. She is laughing hysterically. And you know what, I appreciate those days.

I appreciate them because they make me work that much harder. I appreciate them because they remind me of how far I really have come. I appreciate them because days like that make me appreciate the invisible days that much more.

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