Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Quitting was never an option

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Today, I officially regained control over my inner fat girl. After a week of feeling like crap on many different levels, I finally told her to pack her bags...because I was back.

Sometimes, when things get hard, the easiest thing to do is just quit. Sometimes it seems like quitting is the only way get out of whatever "funk" you might find yourself in.

I wanted to quit.

But, quitting was never an option. Ever.

I have started, quit, restarted, and quit again this journey. Many, many times. I never felt better after I quit. In fact, I usually felt worse. And those feelings of self-worthlessness, self loathing, would become the new norm for me.

Not any more.

Today, I regained my control over the fat girl that ran my life for so many years.  I pulled myself up by the bootstraps, looked myself in the mirror and told myself that quitting is not an option. Not now. Not ever.

There are always going to be days like last week. That is part of the challenge of losing weight. It isn't supposed to be easy. It's suppose to challenge me every day. And everyday, when I face those challenges I am reminded not only how far I really do have left to walk in this journey, but also how far I really have come from where I used to be.

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