Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Why do you make your kids eat that?

When I am at the grocery store, I don't judge people based on what's in their cart. I don't look twice when I see a mom filling her cart with overproccessed and under nutritional foods. Sure, now a days it bothers me a little bit, mainly because I think if healthier foods were more available and more affordable, people would eat them rather then the processed stuff. Also, if you open my cabneits, you will probably find some proccessed foods (My husband is an adult, a picky adult).

For the most part, I eat clean. I read lables and stay away from anything that isn't whole grains, organic, all natural, or fruit and veggies. I try. It's a life style that is hard to adapt when you are used to eating crap most of your life.

Today was grocery day. I went in armed with 2 weeks worth of clean meals and snacks. I told my kids "no junk food" (although Cookie Crisp Cereal made into the basket at some point) and I let them help me pick out frozen and fresh fruits and veggies. My basket was loaded with whole, natural, and healthy foods. As I was checking out, there was a woman behind me in line. Her basket was filled to the brim with cookies, cupcakes, pop, cheetos, frozen dinners (Kids cuisine) fried foods. Again, I don't judge. I am putting my things up on the belt when she says "excuse me? Is that Tofu?"  I nodded "Yep" and turned back as Aidan asked me "Can I have chocolate mommy" I told him no, I bought grapes he can have. "Do you let you kids eat anything good?" The lady behind me asked. I was confused. Good? I had a basket full of good food and I said as much. "You make you kids eat that? That's crap. Let them be kids. Seriously, people like you make me sick." My jaw hit the floor. And I was sad.

Not because she said those things. And not because I think I am depriving my children of anything. But because I wanted to just stop right there and tell her my story. I wanted to tell her that I was her not to long ago. I never used to shop in the produce section...ever. My cart would always be full of crap like hers...

Then I discovered I had an eating disorder and my world changed. My life changed. I don't look at it as depriving my kids of anything. I am giving them a positive example and laying a solid foundation for them to develop healthy eating habits. I am not setting them up to have to fight for their lives the way I had to. The way I still have to.

Instead I turned my back and focused on finishing checking out and getting my kids ready to go. As I was walking away, I heard the cashier give her her total. 50 bucks more (and she had less than I did) then my total. And in true Melissa fashion I turned to her as I walked out of the store...

"That is why I don't feed my kids that stuff."


  1. It's funny how in this world so many people think that feeding your kids real food means depriving them... well sad actually. Keep up the good work!

  2. GO MELIS! I am soo glad you turned back and said something! HA!