Thursday, September 2, 2010

Two steps forward and one step back

Yesterday was "Weigh In Wednesday" and I missed it. It makes me sad. I look forward to those weigh ins because it helps to make me accountable.

Speaking of accountability-I will not tell you how many cookies I ate the last two days or that I had nachos with all the fixins for lunch yesterday. I have fallen of the wagon again.

Life doesn't seem to want to give me a moment to just breathe. Everything is piling up. Work, house stuff, bills, other obligations. It is a lot for me to handle right now. And instead of dealing with them, I am smothering them under a mountain of unhealthy foods.

I would like to say, yes eating does help me deal, but the truth is, it doesn't. In fact, the more I eat the worse I feel. But it is a never ending cycle.

I feel like it is two steps forward and one step back lately. I can't get a head no matter how hard I try.

I am trying. Extremely hard.

Somedays, though it is just easier to reach for a cookie

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  1. I could have written this same blog! I just can't get past the emotional eating! It is so much easier to eat than to deal with whatever we're feeling. I can't afford a therapist right now so I have started counting my points and keeping a food journal. It's the only way I can keep it in check. We're also having a weight-loss challenge at work so that will help for a while.
    Good luck. I keep saying I start over every week but I am changing that to every day now.