Monday, September 20, 2010

I can't wear jeans

For the most part, my wardrobe consists of yoga pants, track pants, and sweat shirts, hoodies or tees. I have maybe two pair of jeans. Out of those two pairs only one really fits comfortably. Even then, I find myself only wearing them when we are going out in public and change them the second I am home. I can't wear jeans.

I thought that with my recent weight loss, I would be able to comfortably wear jeans again. Especially since I was wearing a size smaller in shirts. (But honestly, I think I gained a pound or two :/ )But, I thought wrong. I think it is the way that I am shaped. I have *sigh* thunder thighs.  (Can I just say how much I loathe that term). Not to mention I have the post c-section stomach. You know the one that still wiggles 5 minutes after you stop moving? I guess having four kids will do that to ya.

I have yet to find a pair of jeans save for one style of Old Navy jeans that fit. (And I can't find that pair at any  Old Navy Store near me) and that one pair, I ripped.

I really would like to demote my track pants to sometime wear and wear jeans more then a few minutes a week.

But, until they either A.) Make a pair that fat moms like me can wear or B.) I loose more weight, I guess I am stuck wearing what I have.

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