Monday, September 13, 2010

And So It Begins

I have mentioned a time or two that I am running a marathon in 2011. I know that I keep mentioning, but it is more for MY benefit then yours. See, the more I put it out there, the more I have to actually do it. It is more for me from an accountability standpoint.

This time of year right through the end of the year is pure hell. First of all, the weather will be changing, which means it is going to be too dang cold here in the midwest to walk from the house to the car let alone run at all. So, I am researching gyms and such in the area, they are expensive. Extremely expensive. The local YMCA has some wonderful classes, AND the kiddos can go to a daycare program for FREE. The cost however is 60 bucks a month plus the $125 joiner fee. This is the family rate. We figured that it would be a good idea if we decided to go with the Y, to get the family rate so that the kids can partcipate in the classes that they offer as well. This is going to take some convincing on part. My DH is hesitant. Because what if I spend that money and then don't do anything? He's got a point. (Even though I secretly think he just wants the money for the new Halo Reach game)

The second reason that this time of year is pure hell is because of the impending holidays. Not just Thanksgiving and Christmas, but Halloween. Not to mention apple picking time. I LOVE freshly baked apple anything...and no matter how hard I try, I always, not only fall off of the wagon, but get left 50 miles behind.

So...I know that many of you are on the same journey I am on. I am grateful for the company. This season, I will be featuring healthy YET tasty alternative to the seasonal fare that we all love so much.

If you have a recipe or a suggestion for something you would like to see here, please email me at and put recipes in the subject.

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