Friday, September 10, 2010

I've Been A Bad Blogger

When I first started this blog, I had but one goal in mind: To hold myself accountable. I mean, if I write it then I have to do it. Right?

This blog was born out of my need to change society's perception of what thin really is. I wanted to knock down all those stereotypes about overweight people. I wanted to reach a new audience. I wanted to help someone.

But, instead of being a tool, this blog has become just another "crutch"

As a chronic overeater and emotional eater,  I look for crutches wherever I can find them. I actively look for excuses as to why I don't run, why I don't eat better. And even though I built this blog as a way to keep me accountable, I have discovered that I can "hide" behind the computer screen. Whose going to know if I really ate the right foods. Those are characteristics of an emotional eater. Always looking for an out.

I need this blog, I need the accountability factor. I need to lose this weight.

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