Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's that time again

Yup, it's Wednesday and that of course means Weigh In time. Thanks to Emily over at Fat Girl to Thin for hosting it!

Well, last week I said my goal for this week was 220. I was at 223 this time last week. Last weekend was also the county fair. And yes, I induldged in all the naughty fair food my stomach could *not* tolerate. So, going into this week, I was really expecting a gain. I mean there is only so long that one can remain semi-sedentary (thanks to my ankle) before the weight starts slowly creeping back.

So, I got on the scale today (well the Wii fit board) and lo and behol my weight was not 223, instead it was...


Yep, despite my weekend binge on all things fried and greasy, I still lost 2 pounds, That's pretty darn good :D

So, I am being extremely ambitious goal for next week is to be around 215-217 pounds.

(sorry i didn't email you Emily, i have been going non stop today)

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  1. Great Job....2 pounds during fair week!!!! Its been hard here too. Thanks for sticking with me today. I look forward to your weight next week!