Saturday, August 21, 2010

Week-end Wrap Up

This week was my first week back on my "eating plan" I stuck to it...and I was surprised. Really, I have like zero will power it seems.

I have found myself eating foods that I actually enjoy (whole wheat toast and almond butter is one of my favorites.) And I discovered today that I can have dessert. We made Almond Chocolate Blondie Bars. (With whole wheat flour, almond butter, coconut milk, flax seed) I was really hesitant that it would turn out to be actually edible....but I was pleasantly surprised. The kids even liked them.

I had to miss the run today. My ankle is still shot, I knew that if I tried to run it, I would just risk hurting it more. So I passed. I am sad. But still determined to run that marathon in 2011.

I have been working on some new things for this blog, i am really hoping to get it up and going with more followers this week. :-)

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