Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Dance!!

I have been pretty down in the dumps lately. This whole weight loss thing, personal stuff, and professional stuff have really thrown me for a loop as of late. It seemed like the entire universe had a vendetta out for me.

Things are slowly turning around. I am doing my best to pick myself up by the "boot straps" and move forward. I have been rearranging my life, and taking things off of my plate that really don't need to be there right now.

I have also been way more aware of what I am eating. (Oh nachos from Burrito Loco how I miss thee) and it has sucked at times. But it has paid off.
I have not yet weighed I am not sure how much I have actually lost. But for the first time in forever I tried on an XL tee-shirt (you know the ones from the junior section). Usually when I put this shirt on it is way tight, like to the point where it only covers half of my stomach.

So today, I decided that I would try on my shirt that says "Rock On" ( I need a pick me up this morning) and ta-da! It actually FITS. The way it supposed to!!

I was so happy and so proud of myself this morning. What a great way to start my week!

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  1. Congrats on your progress! This post helped me a lot. I sometimes think that I'm the only one struggling.