Sunday, August 15, 2010

Giving myself permission

I realized today that I have gotten kind of off course when it comes to my weight-loss journey. When things got tough, it was so easy to just resort back to my old ways. Eating fried, fat-laden foods and not giving it a second thought. Downing soda like the world depended on it.

I noticed that as my eating habits nose dived, so did my moods. This past week I have found myself in probably one of the lowest moods that I have ever been in. Sure it is a culmination of a variety of different things, but I have noticed, the crappier I eat, the crappier I correlation?

So, this weekend, I have given myself permission to let go of my failures and embrace them as learning experiences. I have accepted that I am not perfect, and that anyone who is even remotely human has days like I have had.

I also have given myself permission to start over.

I am back to square one...and that is ok. I have identified my issues and am working on developing habits to improve them.

i am working on new blog things, working on a Facebook page, and many other exciting things this week.

I am looking forward to starting again...

and succeeding this time.

All Love,

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