Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Taking On Thanksgiving

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Well, it is just about that time of year again. I love this time of year. I am a holiday type of girl. If my husband would let me, my christmas tree would so be up right now (along with the inflatable snowment I am hoping  going to buy, whether he likes it or not.) I love spending time with my family, listening to the holiday music, watching A Christmas Story for the one billionth time. Oh, and we can't forget... the food.

Yes, the food. Every fat girls dream. A kitchen table filled to the gills with yummy pies and cookies. Ham and Turkey. Stuffing. Rolls. And mashed taters. Mountains of mashed taters with extra butter.

*Cue the noise of brakes screeching to a halt.*

Thanksgiving and Christmas--ah, who the hell am I kidding, the entire MONTH from Thanksgiving to Christmas--has always been a huge downfall. Especially because I had a food addiction. I had to eat it. All of it. All 3,000 and some calories. Plus the leftovers. Can't forget the cold turkey sandwiches with mayo (I promise Luke, if you read this, I won't indulge in the behaviors listed above. Especially the mountains of taters and extra butter. And for those of you wondering, Luke is my fabulous trainer. The one who opened my eyes to my food addiction.) It is so easy to undo everything that I have worked my ass off for recently. Especially because I am having two Thanksgiving meals this year. Yes two meals. I will admit, I have been worrying, a lot, about the upcoming holiday weekend. I have visions of everything that I have worked so hard for, coming undone by those mountains of mashed taters and extra butter (Did I mention I love mashed potatoes? Didn't think so.)

So, this year, I am taking on Thanksgiving. I decided that, rather than A.)Worry so much that I don't enjoy the holiday or B.)Don't worry at all and end up with a weight gain, that I am going to meet myself in the middle by acknowledging the worry and telling myself, for the first year ever, me, not the food, is in control.

Did you hear that? I am in control!

I have made a promise to myself that I will not gain a single pound this holiday weekend. (Okay, Okay, holiday season...gotta be honest here). Instead, I will be more aware of what I am putting on my plate and in my mouth.

Holidays past have found me with a plate, filled to the brim, with everything, and I mean everything on the table. Not to mention the leftovers my mom sends with me, because it is just her and my step dad. So, I binge. And I binge. And I binge. I bake cookies. I bake pies. And I binge.

Not this year! I have purchased a "special" plate for myself this year. I have bought a child's sized plate that has those little dividers on it. That will be my portion size. I will have mashed sweet potates. Turkey rather than ham. And veggies. Loads and loads of veggies. Before I eat my meals that weekend I will drink plenty of water.

I am sure that some may laugh at my plate this year....

I don't care. Because I would rather be laughed at for having a weird plate then laughed at for being fat.

So, bring it on Thanksgiving....I am ready for you.

(I think)

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