Friday, November 5, 2010

Looking For An Easy Fix?

Life should be like the Staples commercial. You know, the one with the easy button? Imagine how much easier life would be with an easy fix. Especially when it comes to losing weight and eating better. Everyone is looking for an easy fix.

Sorry to tell you. There is no such thing as an easy fix. I  have tried every diet or diet pill known to man. Each one promising me that it would be easy to lose weight. Easy. That is what I wanted. I wanted this whole thing to be easy. I didn't want to have to work my ass of in a gym. I didn't want to have to give up my Mcdonalds. I wanted to take those pills that claimed to make this easy...and be done with it.

I learned there is no easy way. Sure, I could follow those restrictive diets. Swallow those nasty tasting horse pills daily. But as soon as the diet was over or the pills were gone, I was right back to where I started. Overweight and unhappy.

I used to blame myself. I mean it was right there on the box "Lose weight fast and easy". So what was I missing? Why was I failing? What was wrong with me?

The problem was, I never learned proper coping skills. I never identified that I had a food addiction. I never developed the tools that I needed to successfully overcome this beast.

Here is the thing, if you never learn to deal with your triggers, if you never retrain yourself, you are never going to succeed. Instead, you will find yourself in a dangerous Yo-Yo situation.

It takes work. A lot of hard work. It takes dedication. It takes wanting to change. I see my personal trainer 1 to 2 times a week, go to the gym 3 to 4 days a week. Work out at home. I have modified my eating habits. I am always aware of the choices that I am making, of the food that I am eating. I sweat. I cry. I work hard.

When it comes to weight loss...there is no easy way to do it.  You have to want it. You have to crave it. You have to own it.

Even if there was an easy fix, I wouldn't take it. Not now. This journey, as painful physically and emotionally as it is, is one that has opened my eyes. It is one that has taught me so much about me. It is the one that will teach me so much more. If there was an easy fix, I would have missed out on my bootcamp class, a crucial turning point for me. Each obstacle has only served to further strengthen my resolve.

There is no easy way. But, if you want it bad enough, then you will do it. Easy or not.

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