Monday, July 5, 2010

Excercise For Beginners

I thought this week, I would make it a point to dedicated some blog space to talk about excercising. More specifically excercise for beginners.

It is tempting when you are just starting out, to go all out. Put everything you got into it. And even what you don't got into it.

The hope is, the harder that you work the faster you will lose the weight.

The cold hard truth is...that is not true.

When I first started my journey, I went all out. I did the hardest level of excercise, ran when I knew I should walk...was trying to fit atleast 3 to 4 hours of hard excercise into my day.

The problem was...up until that point, I had been a sedintary person. Excercise and me...well we didn't have the best relationship. So when I went all body just plain went.

If you are a person, like me, who has been limited on the amount of work that you do physically, it is best to start slow. Doing more then you are physically able to do will just end up badly (Just ask my sprained ankle and outta whack knee).

Start by walking. Walk the same route everyday. After about a week or so, start running some of the route. I time myself. I tell myself I have to run for one minute or from this point to that. The very first time I did a walk/run combo I ran 1/2 of my 3 mile walk... I was proud of myself. Still a far cry from the 5K that is coming up...but it is progress.

Now, my ankle is still fairly I am still doing modified excercises. And that is ok. Doing modified versions of harder excercises will net you the same result. Sure it might take you longer to reach your end goal. But as you progress, you will be able to up your intensity.

The important thing is to take it slowly. Don't overdo it. And have fun.

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