Thursday, June 21, 2012

I write best at night

Blogging during the day lately has been hard. There are just so many distractions that when I finally do get a chance to sit down, focusing on blogging isn't that easy.

I have found lately, that I am staying up later after my family goes to sleep and blogging then. I find that it's become easier to blog at 11pm when the only thing bothering me is a 3 month old kitten that thinks it's play time.

Today marked the start of a new chapter in my weight loss journey. It was a day that was filled with some important decisions. And with those decisions, I had a sense of clarity. And that's a feeling that I haven't had for a while.

I know that I have this picture in my head of what I want my life to be like. The direction that I want to go on a personal and professional level. I see it. But the problem is, the steps that I am taking haven't really been moving me towards my ultimate goal. And, let's be honest, I haven't been applying myself like I should have.

So, today, I made the choice to step up my game a few hundred notches. Both personally and professionally. I am confident that the direction I am now headed will be exciting and will ultimately put me in the position to achieve my goals.

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