Monday, June 28, 2010

Overcoming Obstacles

Or alternately titled "the one where I get a little deep"

I have faced alot of obstacles in my life. There were many times where I felt like I had no where to turn, no where to go. Sometimes, I felt as if I were drowning. As if the obstacles that stood before me where going to suffocate me.

But guess what?

I learned to deal with them. Life has a funny way of saying "Either deal with it or don't, but I will continue on" So I dealt. I learned coping skills. I learned that my mistakes where just that...mistakes, and I could always find a way to fix them.

I am facing some seemingly insurmountable obstacles in my weight loss journey. And to tell the truth, I feel like giving up. Like shouting "I quit" while diving into a place of the most calorie laden nachoes you can find.

I am frustrated with my lack of weight loss. I lost 2 pounds...3 days later it was back. I can't seem to seperate myself from my nasty eating habits. I have a horrible picture of me on my blog (See "The Before") and it is a constant reminder that I. Am. Fat.

At 230 pounds I am miserable. I am nearly 80 pounds over a healthy reccomended weight for someone of my height and build. I am considered Obese.

Anyone who has dealt with weight issues or even just self esteem issues knows that when you are down, finding the strength to continue on and work towards your goals can be difficult.

And for me, I want to quit.

There is a 5 K that is fast approaching...and I want to run it. If only to prove to my little voice of self doubt that I CAN do it. But somedays it doesn't seem worth it.

I have commited, verbally, to running the Chicago Marathon in 2011. But part of me wants to back out.

I have atleast 2 books that are hinging on me succeeding...

But I don't care somedays.

It is overcoming this obstacle that will be the greatest success for me. This is a huge obstacle. One that is preventing me from reaching my full potential and from realizing my goals.

How do you overcome obstacles?

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